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The following links were provided by PGOODY from our forum...

Nippon Professional Baseball Official Website
The Japanese version of MLB.com, minus highlights, in depth stats, good for looking at rosters, schedule/scores, basic player stats...

Yakyu Baka - Japanese Yakyu News
All the news and notes you could hope for about Japanese Baseball from the professionals to the Koshien tournament and everywhere in between...

NPB Tracker Baseball in Japan and Around the World
Not nearly as diligently updated as Yakyu Baka, but some highlights include player data on NPB pitchers tracking everyone of their pitches up to the 2011/2012 season

Japanese Baseball/ Pro Yakyu Now
Again not the up to the minute stories that you'll find on Yakyu Baka but has some interesting tidbits along with some semi active forums, some would say the genesis for SpiritsTranslations began on this site...

http://www.baseball-reference.com/minor ... ss=Foreign
Arguably the most complete baseball stat site, every player every league in the known universe, *note* complete player stat tracking for the NPB leagues doesn't start until 2007, so if you want to know who led the league in HBPs for the Yakult Swallows that year, its got you covered...

Baseball in Japan
A brief history of baseball in Japan, wikipedia style...

Bob Bavasi's Guide to Japanese Baseball
Who is Bob Bavasi, better yet. where is Bob Bavasi, no one knows, but this is for sure, he put together a nice little site and keeps it fairly updated...

Japanese Baseball Terminology
Hopefully the background and colors don't induce a seizure...

Pro Yakyuu Spirits Player Database
A really cool site that shows the attributes and stats for all players in PYS games going back to the 2004 version. Really useful for seeing what players got upgrade/downgrade when Konami makes roster updates. As well it can be used to create players in Spirits mode who were previously in a PYS game but weren't included by Konami in later versions...

List of ballparks in Japan
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ba ... s_in_Japan
Wikipedia coming through once again

The Art Of The Japanese Bat Flip
http://deadspin.com/5979651/the-art-of- ... e-bat-flip
Just when you thought it was safe to stand in the on deck circle, one of the most incredible compilation videos to ever hit youtube, special highlights include, Hara tossing his bat into downtown Tokyo after hitting a game tying 2 run shot in what I can only guess was a preseason exhibition game at 0:09, flip bat/ slam glove, elation/ dejection, 1:22, the audio has been muted so I recommend playing Aretha Franklin's RESPECT in the background...

Youtube Video: PYS2012 Basic Pitch Types
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N9EHlXu ... e=youtu.be
Video displaying/diagraming all the basic pitches of PYS2012

Youtube Video: PYS2012 Basic Pitch Types Trajectory based on pitching form
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rjix5mbB ... e=youtu.be
Another video displaying/diagraming basic pitch types of PYS2012, but this time showing how pitching form can affect them, 3/4 delivery, submarine delivery, etc.

Youtube Video: PYS2012 Original Pitch Types
Video displaying/ diagraming all pitchers who have Special/Original pitch types from 2012 version

Youtube Video: PYS2012 Kaz Tadano's Eephus Pitch
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WczWLy46 ... e=youtu.be
It looks at Tadano's eephus pitch from every concievable angle... ps, never google: kaz tadano video, *shudder*

Spirits Translation Youtube Site
"And if ya dont know, now ya know, n@#!$%"