Use R stick to pan the defensive cam left, right, up and down. In settings you can adjust these to normal or reverse, which means if you press up the camera moves up (normal) or down (reverse.) These options are commonly seen in first person shooters and flight sim games. To adjust this see full user setting options at bottom of this page (look for B. Camera #1 and 2.)

L stick - Move player
R stick - Rotate camera view
R2 - Switch to first person view (after ball is put in play.)
Triangle: Jump
X - Dive or pick up ball. You can also Duck if ball is out of your range.
Square or O - Dash/Lunging Catch
L1 - cancel your throw during a throwing animation.
Outfielders: R1 to throw to cutoff man.


- To get a jump on a play, hold the L stick in the direction you want to run before the ball is put in play. If you guess right you might save a run. However, guessing wrong could lead to disaster.

-If the CPU squares to bunt, you can rush in during the pitch.

- Sometimes you can see where the catcher sets up for a pitch. In general if he sets up low look for a grounder, high look for flyball, inside look for a pulled hit and outside look for for a hit to opp field.

- You may pre-load a throw, but only after your fielding animation begins. Keep in mind pressing the face buttons before you have the ball may cause your player to jump/dive/lunge for the ball. There is no accuracy penalty for pre-loading a throw.

- This game allows you to change a throw in mid-motion, so even if you started to throw to the wrong base, you can press another button immediately to throw to another base (very useful during close plays or bunt plays).




If you're playing defense and get disoriented on flyballs or popups look at the radar (top right) and you'll see a red cursor which tells you where the ball will land. The ball will be white, runners orange and your teammates in blue.

- In settings ensure "Flyball Cursor" is set to ON (dark green circle shown above.) You can also look for the shadow of the ball which helps you get oriented.

- If you get confused about which button is used to throw to each base, look at the controls icon at the bottom left. In this example arrow is home plate.




If you choose to play with a pitcher the catcher calls the type of pitch and you control the location. The grey bar under the catcher tells you what pitch he wants. However, you can over-ride this by clicking L1 and cycling through your available pitches. Even if you accept the catchers pitch you can still put "extra stuff" on it (as shown in image.)

If you pick up the rosin bag (R stick back) the text "1BP" appears above the pitchers name plate. This means thus far this pitcher has thrown 1 Best Pitch. When the pitcher stands up you'll see the his total pitches thrown.

- Click R3 to change camera angles (there are a total of two behind pitcher cams available.)

- By default click 'X' to throw pitch. Square will be throw to 1st base, Triangle to 2nd and Circle 3rd.
- In settings (E2) you can set it so Triangle will instead be throw pitch - with Square to 1st, X to 2nd and Circle to 3rd.