MLB the Show '17 I BOUGHT IT!

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MLB the Show '17 I BOUGHT IT!

Postby PGOODY » Thu Mar 30, 2017 8:21 am


Great graphics, stadiums, player models/faces, lighting, etc.
New ball physics! which PYS/PP has had for years...
Pitching interface, ive just always liked it, although wish it was more based on the pitchers motion like PYS
Diamond dynasty is always fun, again a mode PYS has had for years...


Defensive gameplay, from shifts to bullpen management and just plain catching a ball, it still feels a little stiff and is plagued with inappropriate animations and glitches, ugh...
CPU baserunning AI is retarded... at times...
Still feel detached when hitting or bunting... doesnt feel completely like my skill is what determines success or failure

Let me know what else you guys would like to hear about. I might even be able to put some clips on my YT channel to show. Thanks!
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Re: MLB the Show '17 I BOUGHT IT!

Postby Vernon » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:52 am

Thanks for the rundown Goody, I was thinking about a purchase because of the hit variety and improved defense but wanted to see how they panned out first. That's a letdown regarding the defense because that was one of the really hyped aspects.

How are you feeling about hit variety? Previous versions were sad compared to PYS, is it even close now?

Also, I can't remember. Is there a manager mode in The Show? I'm nursing a hand injury right now so that's all I can play. :(
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