After you choose Grand Prix, you have 3 options which are "Load mid-game save", "Load", and "start new"

- Then it tells you grand prix mode is where you build a team of your own. Now choose a base team. Every base team will be equal in strength because they will all be mainly consisted of rookies.

- After you choose your team there will be a "Caution" screen. At the bottom it says you cannot change your base team once you confirm.

- Next you have to create the manager...

Enter your name and information:

(left side):
Last name
First Name
Name you want shown on the name plate

(right side)
Name on uniform
Jersey Number

Create a look for your manager. If you wish to edit this later you can do so in Main Menu / Manager Skill.

This is your starting deck. As you can see it's mostly crappy players with only 1 or 2 guys at around 50 stars. As you use these cards in games you'll see a green bar (experience points) and an orange bar (fatigue) start to build up at the bottom of each card. Once you gain enough experience points cards will awaken (as in VP Shop - Level Up awaken, so this will follow the pre-set increase levels, unlike season mode's random growth.)

The main menu is brand new, luckily it has english icons. Each option is translated below...

GP (grand prix)

This is how you progress in the game. You enter tournaments, play, earn points, level up, open new tournaments until you beat the game. The first tournament they give you is the Beginners Grand Prix. At the bottom, you will always see these 4 categories...

Special Rules Applied: 6 Inning Games
Winning Prize: 3000 Spirit Coins
Bonus Prize: None
Max # of Games (basically how many games to win the cup): 2 (so this is just a 4 teams, single elimination playoff)


This is just bonus training games for you to earn coins. You won't unlock new cups and won't progress in the game...it's all for coins and practice. As you can see you can choose from Practice (easy), Trial (Normal), and Challenge (Hard). The 4 categories below are:

Special Rules: Free Rules
Winning Prize: Coins calculated by the total number of stars on the opposing team multiplied by 2/3/4 (depending on the difficulty)
Bonus Prize: None
Max # of Games: 1

Team menu

- Call up/Send Down
- Look at player cards
- Look at item cards
- Set Batting Order
- Change Jersey Number

Manager Skill

This is a brand new feature in 2011. I haven't played this mode yet so I really can't tell you anything other than what's shown.

Top 3 buttons: Manager skills, Support Skills, Edit Manager Appearance

It then shows the manager name you inputed and a wooden plate that says you are a beginner. Then below that, it says...

Managing Power: 50 stars (not sure what this does)
Roster Slots: 70 Players (I assume as you level up you can hold more cards / players at once)
Manager Skill: nobi nobi baseball (not sure what this does)
Support Skill: None

Experience points: 0 Next: 40
Lvl 1


- Buy player cards
- Buy item cards
- Sell player cards
- Sell item cards


Another new feature in 2011. Basically the computer will offer you a few cards for trade under the label "Card Lineup." You click the card you want and it will ask for some specific cards in return and you need to fulfill these trade requirements in order to make the trade.


- Save
- User Settings
- Quit Grand Prix