A. Play game
B. Digest Settings


A. View Calendar
B. Sim Schedule Options:

  • Play all games
  • Play important games (many)
  • Play important games (medium)
  • Play important games (fewest)

  • Check box to play if a big injury occurs
  • Check box to prevent CPU from making roster changes


A. Call up/Send down player: Pitcher (left), Hitter (right)
B. View Player Ratings
C. Set Training
D. Look for Foreigner player:

  • Select desired position
  • Throws – Right-handed (default), Left-handed
  • Hits – Right handed (default), Left-handed, Switch Hitter
  • Click left to confirm or right to cancel. If you confirm nothing will happen, but at some point in the future you'll recieve notification that a player was found.
E. Insert user Created Player from Spirits Mode
F. Trade
G. Release Player: select player then click left to confirm or right to cancel.


A. Stats and Standings (see stats section below)
B. Team Achievements


A. Save Season
B. User Settings
C. Match Settings
D. Season Settings:

  • COM Trade: Allow, Only Allow CPU to trade with user, All CPU trades Off
  • Rain Stoppage: Yes, No

E. Jersey Numbers
F. Cheer / Fight Songs (songs must first be written in Utility Mode)
G: Change Names
H. Edit CPU Team Rosters
I. Quit Season Mode



This is the stats menu:

Standings ---- Stat Leaders ---- Accomplishments

Team Pitching Stats --- Team Hitting Stats --- Team Defensive Stats

Individ. Pitching Stats --- Individ. Hitting Stats --- Individ. Defensive Stats

Pitchers Record --- Hitters Record --- All-Time Records


Below is a breakdown of the Individual Individ. Pitching Stats and Individ. Hitting Stats:

Pitcher Stats (from left to right):

1. ERA
2. Innings Pitched
3. Winning Percentage
4. Wins
5. Losses
6. Saves
7. Holds
8. Hits allowed
9. Number of appearances
10. Complete Game Shutouts
11. Complete Games
12. Strikeouts
13. Strikeouts Per 9 Innings
14. Walks
15. Walks Per 9 Innings
16. Hit by pitch
17. Hit by pitch Per 9 Innings
18. Batters Faced
19. Total Plate Appearances
20. Hits allowed
21. Opponent Batting Avg Allowed
22. Right-handed Hitters Batting Avg Allowed
23. Hits allowed to right handers
24. Left-handed Hitters Batting Avg Allowed
25. Hits allowed to left handers
26. Homeruns Allowed
27. Homeruns allowed per 9 innings
28. Stolen Base Attempts Allowed
29. Successful Stolen Bases Allowed
30. % of Steals Allowed
31. Wild Pitches
32. Number of Runs Allowed
33. Numbers of Earned Runs Allowed

Hitter Stats (Left to right):

1. Batting Avg
2. Games Played
3. Plate Appearances
4. At-bats
5. Hits
6. Singles
7. Doubles
8. Triples.
9. Homeruns
10. Homerun Ratio
11. Total Bases
12. Slugging Percentage
13. RBIs
14. Avg with Runners in Scoring Position
15. At-bats with Runners in Scoring Position
16. Hits with Runners in Scoring Position
17. Avg VS Right-handed Pitchers
18. At-bats VS Right-handed Pitchers
19. Hits VS Right-handed Pitchers
20. Avg VS Left-handed Pitchers
21. At-bats VS Left-handed Pitchers
22. Hits VS Left-handed Pitchers
23. Runs Scored
24. Strikeouts
25. Strikeout Percentage
26. Walks
27. Hit by pitch
28. Sacrifice Bunts
29. Sac Fly
30. Grounded into Double Play
31. GiDP Percentage
32. Steals Attempted
33. Steals
34. Successful Steal Percentage
35. On-base Percentage
36. Hitting Streak Season High
37. On-base Streak Season High
38. Consectuive At-bats without a hit Season High
39. 3-hit Games
40. On Base Plus Slugging

Team Defensive Stats (left to right):

1. Games Played
2. Put Outs
3. Throw Outs
4. Errors
5. Total Chances
6. Fielding %
7. Passed Ball
8. Steal Base Attempts Allowed
9. Stolen Base Allowed
10. Caught Stealing By Catcher
11. Caught Stealing %



If you click on Accomplishments, you will see this screen. From top to bottom, you can view:

- "MVP of the Month" Winners
- Current All-Star voting results
- All-Star MVP Winners
- Award Winners
- Best-Nine of the Year (Top player for each position at the end of the year)
- Gold Gloves