The numbers highlighted inside the red box is the fatigue level (only appears if you are in a season)

Each player will build up fatigue as they hit, run the bases, and play defense. The DH will build up very little fatigue because they don't have to play "D" for 9 innings (in this picture he has zero), but as the season progresses, even they will build up some.

- How fast they recover depends on each player's Stamina Recovery Rate (please refer to "How to read attributes" page). Some guys in real life play every single game in the season, so they will have like an S or an A recovery rate. Very old or injury-prone guys will ususally have a low stat like a D or E so they will tire very frequently.

- During home games recovery will be faster. During visitor games (when you are in another city) fatigue will go up faster and recovery will be slower. This is a very nice touch in my opinion to reflect the grueling road trips in real life and how players are more comfortable at home and so on.

- I would recommended that you keep fatigue below 40. If you see a guy around 35~40, maybe let him be the DH for one day, or just give him a day-off. If you play a high-fatigue player, there will obviously be a greater chance of injuries. You should especially pay attention to guys with the Injuries Minus 1/2/3 skills because these guys will get hurt very easily.

It has been asked in our forums if high fatigue effects other attributes such as speed etc. It's possible it could effect your happy face/condition but is unconfirmed.


If you see this message after a game it means "Losing Streak Stopped!"



This is telling me Larocca suffered a nagging injury during the game just played and his condition is now displayed as an angry red face. The orange text says he's feeling some "discomfort." Some guys with the "negative injuries" special skill will get these occasionally. You dont really see them get hurt in the game, instead you just get a report saying they are sore or feeling pain. Then you'll see his condition face appear angry red and he'll have an unknown drop in attributes. This is the kind of thing you've got to put up with throughout the season when you have these injury-prone guys. I'm a big fan of this because it simulates real life pretty well and puts more strategy into managing your roster and giving young guys a chance.

There is no DL in this game, instead you just send down injured players to the minor league where they will heal faster. Keep in mind when you send players down they must stay in the minors a minimum of 10 games. In case of serious injury (grey condition face) you should definately send down your players to heal. In this case with Larocca's nagging injury it depends how much I need him - because he CAN still play and it's possible he'll heal within a few games if you're lucky.

Personally, I always send them down because it seems they heal way quicker that way. Every time I try to keep them in the majors it takes forever for them to heal. It could just be my luck, but I really dont mind giving some at-bats to bench players & prospects anyway. -Muka-



This is saying Larocca went to the hospital for a check-up. The results are fantastic and now he is perfectly healed and ready to play. You'll see something similar every time someone heals completely and his condition face will go back to normal. The line that tells you he is healed is the one in quotes on the 2nd line that says "There is no problem!"

Note: There is no such thing as a hospital report with bad or worse condition. You will first recieve the injury screen and he will stay injured unless you are lucky enough to see this screen.



This one says "Recovery period of 5 weeks" in red text. His condition face is now grey with a red "36" in it which means he's out for 36 days. After each game this number will count down, but you should send him down to the minors so he'll heal faster.




In Pennant options (5c) you can tell the game to search for foreign players. This report appeared several games later which is telling me the team has found and signed a new foreigner after receiving my request. You will see this player in your minor league roster the next day and available for you to call up. After checking him out this players overall ratings weren't great but he has "A" rated power. Unfortunately you cannot change his black face.


This screen shows your recent results (white dots are wins, black is losses and grey ties.) The starting pitchers you used are displayed next to the dots and on the right side of the screen is a list of your 5 starting pitchers.

From this information I can tell we just beat the Marines with our #5 pitcher. We're now due to play the Marines again and my #1 pitcher (right handed) will be the starter.


POSTGAME WRAP-UP SCREEN: There are quite a lot of varieties for these post game wraps and it feels satisfying to read these when I get a big win. They are just really simple stories of the game but unfortunately there are too many to attempt to translate. Just for an example though, this one says:

"In the Orix VS Rakuten game, Rakuten was able to protect a small lead and escape with a 5-4 victory. T-Okawa was very active, hitting a 3 run homerun. The pitching was unstable, especially Kaneko, who gave up 5 runs in 6 innings."



Prior to this game Cabrera came in with 33 fatigue level points. After the game this message popped up which is telling me to rest him because he is tired.

- First line: The first 2 japanese words after the first comma says "fatigue."
- Bottom line: The 4th word is saying "Rest".



This screen appeared after a game which is saying the Giants are offering me a trade. Please be carefull here! The top left button is ACCEPT TRADE and the top right button is DENY TRADE. If you click the wrong button you just bought their player!

The numbers inside the small colored boxes (e.g. 33, 32, 4) represent # of Pitchers, # of Infielders, and # of Foreigners respectively. The text inside the large black box is simply asking "The Giants have proposed a 1-to-1 trade. Will you accept this trade?"




This player was sent down to the minor leagues (where they must stay for 10 games minimum.) This screen is telling you his 10 days have been served and he's eligible to come back to the major roster tomorrow.

There will be another screen with red text following this which reads "To make this transaction, wait til the next day."




If you want to sim a Pennant game choose 'Skip Game.' The text on top is asking "Do you want to skip this game?"

The 3 choices are "Yes, Cancel, Modify Manager Strategies". I believe the modify screen will take you to the different roles so you can make changes to who your pinch hitters are and so on.

Below the buttons it says "Total Skipped games: 0"




You will see this every month (just like in real life). There is one for hitting and one for pitching. As you can see the batter hit .327 with 7 home runs and 31 RBI's. The pitcher had a 1.55 ERA over 4 games.