Written by: Fullgatsu


The team was born when Orix Bluewave merged with Kintetsu Buffaloes and have so far had little success. Orix bluewave had alot of success when they were called Hankyu Braves which was a powerhouse in 60s and 70s though Orix Bluewave have some success to it's name when Ichiro Suzuki led the team to back-to-back league Championships and even a Nippon Series title in 1996.

Kintetsu Buffaloes is known as one of the least successful teams in NPB with only four league pennants and no Nippon Series titles despite playing in the league for over 40 years. They have had some stars in the 90s with Tuffy Rhodes, Hideo Nomo and Norihiro Nakamura. 2001 placed first in the PL first time since 1989 and it was in large part because of Tuffy Rhodes who hit 55 homeruns tieing the record and in a controversial series against the Hawks which manager was Sadaharu Oh the original record holder, Rhodes was pitched around only seeing two strikes against eighteen balls. Rhodes won the MVP award that season and together with Norihiko Nakamura combined for 101 homeruns a record for any duo in NPB.

Default Lineup:
1. Sakaguchi - #9 - CF
2. Obiki - #10 - SS
3. Goto - #1 - 2B
4. Cabrera - #42 - 1B
5. LaRocca - #30 - 3B
6. Okada - #55 - DH
7. Omura - #6 - RF
8. Hidaka - #27 - C
9. Taguchi - #33 - LF

Sakaguchi have grown to be one of the best players on this teams aswell as for his position. While he haven't one great attribute he have no bad ones either and have a C grade for his attributes except for power which is a D. He will not hit for many homeruns as his arch is only 2 and when awakend will only get up to three but his contact is good and with such skills as Average Hitter, Chance Maker, Opposite Field Hitting and Infield Hit will make him a potent threat to get a high average, his First Pitch skill make extra good before he gets one strike against him. His speed isn't blazing with a C grade but with Steal + 2 it makes him a potent basestealer. His defense is great able to play all outfield positions and his Running to Back skill will enable him to reach some balls hit behind him.

Obiki is a rather average hitter with good defense at shortstop. His defence is helped by his skills which are almost all defensive minded, with Running to Back and Though Throws he can make some highlight plays when he have to field something deep, he also have Relay Plays which makes the relay option attractive when making long throws from the outfield.

Goto is much like Obiki, defensive minded skills and okay hitting. Goto struggles to make contact against LHP so he should probably sit those games out when a LHP is starting. His C speed is improved with Baserunning and Steal +1 making him a decent threat on the basepaths. As Obiki his defense is helped by his skills which is much like Obiki wih Running to Back, Though Throws and Relay Plays. His Backhand Toss will help him at second while Bunt Dash Up will make him a good option at third. When awakend his LHP weakness will lessen and his defense will improve even more.

Cabrera have been one of the best hitters in NPB since making his debut with Seibu Lions 2001, hitting over 300 hr since then and also one of the three to hit 55 homeruns which he did 2002 one year after Rhodes and he also had a controversal last series against the Hawks in which he was pitched around. In 2008 both Rhodes and Cabrera played for Buffaloes both having tied the same record and then playing for the same team for two seasons. Ingame Cabrera is one of the most feared hitter with his C contact and A power which makes it quite hard to escape his at bat undamaged. His skills only make him more dangerous, Power Hitter will make his power even better, his Strong Presence will make it harder for the pitcher, Opposite Field Power allows him to hit with power to all over the field with ease and his First Pitch skill makes him an even better hitter before he gets a strike against him. His Chance Up makes him great when runners are on second or third and if facing him an intentional walk is often a good idea also he can tackle the catcher on plays at home which makes his baserunning sometimes better. Cabrera one weakness is that he sometimes struggles to remain uninjured with Prevent Injuries Down - 2.

LaRocca have been a decent hitter during his NPB career especially with his breakout season with Carps in which he hit 40 homeruns but have never matched that season and have these last seasons struggled to remain healthy. LaRocca will hit for good power and decent contact and should be a good hitter for the team. While his defense is below average it's helped in that he can play 1B,2B,3B and SS however he is easily injured and with his E stamina he will often be fatigued.

Okada is a young player that have the looks of a power hitter already hitting 24 homeruns in 89 games this season. Ingame while he may look lacking at first glance only his power seems good but remember that he's young and can quickly improve so he will soon end up as a cleanup hitter with great power.

Omura haven't great attributes but he will make decent contact thanks to his skills Average Hitter, Sticky Hitter, Opposite Field Hitting and Infield Hitting. His defense is good and made better with Running to Back and Running Throw which makes him quite valueable in tag up situations.

Hidaka isn't to good with his bat but his Walk-Off skill will improve him when such situations appear. While his arm is decent for catching runner his low lead will make it harder for his pitchers to last long in games and he have trouble blocking pitches in the dirt aswell.

Taguchi isn't the best with the bat but his defense is some of the best with such skills as Running Throw, Running to Back and Defense Master makes his already good defense even better. His C speed coupled Baserunning+2 and Steal+1 makes him a good baserunner while his Pinch Hit skill will help his bat when pinch hitting. So Taguchi low stamina and skill will probably lend him best as a pinchhitter/runner late inning defensive upgrade instead of a starter.

The bench have #2 Yamasaki who could fill in for Goto against LHP or when someone in the infield need rest without losing to much production. #3 Shimamura have decent power and can play many position and if awakend once should make a good starter, His Laser Beam skill could make him useful in the outfield. #36 Shimoyama have decent bat and maybe should start instead of Taguchi and awakened once will improve his bat to be a good hitter.

In the Nigun there isn't any future great players but some could be useful. For catchers #67 Yokoyama and #69 Doi makes good upgrades for Hidaka after awakend two or three times, Yokoyama is better defensive while Doi have more power. #31 Shiozaki makes a average defender at all infield positions and when maxed will have an average bat. #4 Akada have great defense with accurate throw but his bat will never become good. #0 Moriyama have great speed and when maxed will get D contact and his defense is good, after awakend once he will get enough stamina to start regulary.


#19 Kaneko have been a good starter for Orix, something they have often lacked. While Kaneko haven't one amazing pitch he throws many good ones with good control.

#20 Yamamoto is an okay starter but once awakend will become much better and be a worthy of being second in the rotation. When facing good runners on the bases his Pick-Off skill can prove to be a good weapon.

#18 Kishida have good sharpness on his fastball on coupled with his Spin skill will make it a good weapon. He should be an effective pitcher at the start and will improve even more once he is awakend.

#28 Komatsu while unimpressive at first will soon improve end at the end will challenge for the team ace. #12 Kisanuki will soon get two great pitches a B sharpness fastball and a B sharpness forkball and D sharpness slider which should make him a good starter and if he does not succed there he will dominate in the bullpen.

In the Bullpen #15 Kato looks unimpressive but awaken him he will become worthy the closer spot. #14 Furakawa can improve alot and may up as bullpen ace or a good starter.

In the Nigun you have #21 Kai who when maxed will have S sharp fastball with the Spin skill his C stamina will enable him to start and though he only have one good pitch and two average/below average pitches he may be able to start with that since his fastball is really strong. #29 Kobayashi and #47 Nobue when maxed could both become good starter.