Written by Fullgatsu


The Golden Eagles have struggled a bit this season but was great last season when they placed second in the PL and qualifed for the playoffs for the first time in this expansion team young life. Created at the conclusion of the 2004 season when Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes merged with Orix Bluewave and some players like Iwakuma was orginally players for Kintetsu Buffaloes.

Default Lineup:

1. Watanabe - #2 - SS 2. Takasu - #4 - 2B 3. Teppei - #46 - CF 4. Yamasaki - #7 - DH 5. Kusano - #12 - 3B 6. Phillips - #5 - 1B 7. Linden - #3 - LF 8. Nakamura - #00 - RF 9. Shima - #37 - C

Watanabe Naoto is good lead-off hitter that is great on the basepath with Speed+2 and Steal+1 combine that with his B rated speed means that he should have standing greenlight for stealing bases. He is fairly unspectacular with the bat but still decent just don't expect him to hit for power, his defense on shortstop is rated at an A so he's a great player to have.

Takasu brings good defense to secondbase which is rated B and reminds of Watanabe but with less speed however if you awaken him once he becomes a good contact hitter.

Teppei was the PL batting champion 2009 and as such he is a good contact hitter with some power also, his speed will also allow him to steal bases and his defense in the centerfield is impressive.

Yamasaki brings one thing and that is POWER which is S rated as he hit 39 homeruns last season which was good enough for second in the PL, this power threat causes many pitchers to pitch around him, as he is 41 years old he may decide to retire after a season but that is not a certainty. Yamasaki is DH and should play there as he tire quite fast and his quite bad in the field.

Kusano is a decent hitter but becomes better with one awaken and with the second awaken level he becomes a great hitter that will always be a candidate for the batting champion title. His power is decent with a C but he will never become a homerun threat he's more of doubles hitter. His defense at third is okay that is D rated but he can also play SS, LF and 2B which is E rated so he give you some options.

Phillips is a hitter with good power that should hit 10-20 HR and he have good contact against leftys but rightys not so much, he can play around the field a bit but he plays bad defense at all positions so he should play firstbase.

Linden is hitter that hit for some power and some contact. He have a pull shift against him that can be a challenge to get through and when he have two strikes and the count is not full his strikeout ability kicks in which means his ability to hit the ball is quite low so try to find a pitch to hit before that.

Nakamura is quite unspectacular but have atleast a B rated speed so he can steal some bases.

Shima is a bad hitter but have an amazing arm that catches alot of runners and if MAXED gets an 6 in lead.

On the bench you have #32 Kosaka who can't hit but plays amazing defense so he is a good option in late innings. #0 Uchimura also cant hit but plays good defense on SS and 2B while having blazing speed, when maxed he becomes a decent hitter but still unimpressive with the bat.

In the Nigun(second team) you have #99 Norihiro Nakamura who becomes a good hitter when awakend and will give you more option on third and first. Also in the Nigun is #63 Makida who is defensive beast who plays outfield while he will never become a good hitter his defense may be worth it as his arm is one of the best in the league and throws out plenty of runners. One player that caught my attention is #55 Nishida who can awaken 6 times and if you go through all that work he becomes a pretty good lead-off SS/2B.


On the pitching side Golden Eagles got two Aces in #21 Hisashi Iwakuma and #18 Mashiro Tanaka.

Iwakuma is a pitcher that first pitched for Kintetsu Buffaloes but refused to join Orix Buffaloes and was then traded for cash to Golden Eagles, Iwakuma have battled injurys for much of his professional aswell as a forced change in his mechanics because of new rules but these last years he have proved to be healthy and have certainly proved his ace status, especially in 2008 when he went 21-4 with a 1.87 which won him the Sawamura, MVP and Best Nine Award while playing for a fifth place team and he collected almost a third of the team wins, One of the most impressive things Iwakuma accomplished that season was only allowing three HR during 201 inning and he only allowed one HR to the PL. In the game Iwakuma have topspeed of 152-153 km/h and have a C rated fastball and slider, his B rated forkball is his strikeout which is a great weapon when you have 2 strikes on the hitter, his D rated shoot should not be forgotten as it can be really good against leftys.

Masahiro Tanaka also know as Ma-kun is a true Koshien(high School tournament) hero as he led his team to three consecutive Koshien finals appearance and in his last he lost to Yuki Saito who was able to outpitch him. After that he was drafted by Golden Eagles and have quickly showed his ace ability. In the game his fastball tops at 155-156 km/h and both the fastball and forkball is rated at C while his best pitch is his hard slider with some diagonal movement, he also have a D rated two-seamer that can be great to induce groundballs or even if setup properly be good strikeout pitch.

Satoshi Nagai #30 is the third pitcher and he's no slouch and have three D rated pitches (Fastball, Slider, SFF) and C rated drop curve which is a good pitch when you want to strike out the hitter.

After that the starting pitching really drops off and while fujiwara #15 is okay he don't really compare to the top three.

In the bullpen you have the closer #11 Fukumori who have good shoot and decent fast and fork, he should be a decent closer.

As setup you #57 Koyama which have a great B rated fastball that tops at 153 km/h and complements that with a D rated two-seamer and hard sinker, he may actually be the better pitcher off the two so you may want to use him as the closer.

And then you have #50 Morillo who throws nothing good except a B rated fastball with a G in control. He throws some other pitches but they are F or G rated so never pitch them near the strikezone. His fastball should be good enough to get hitter out as he tops at 157 km/h, while he only throws one pitch he's really effective with it and makes for a good relief pitcher as he have B in stamina so he can throw some innings in a row. While he have high stamina he's not suitible to start as he only throws one pitch and the second time through the lineup the batters are aiming for it. Also if you awaken him three levels he gets a fastball that reaches 167 km/h and then he the fastest in the game unless I missed someone and will then break Kroons record for fastest pitch i can't wait to get him to that level.

Then you have #26 Arime who have S rated stamina and a C rated slider with almost full break and a C rated slider with much less break so you might think he could be good at starting but alas no all his other pitches are either E or F rated which means he lives or die depending on his slider and I think he's only good as a lefty pitcher against leftys.