Written by: Fullgatsu


Fighters was not often associtiated with success when the shared Tokyo Dome with the Giants but after the team moved to Sapporo and added Hokkaido to their name in 2004 they have been a force to be reckoned with in PL winning the Leage pennant 2006,2007,2009 and won even the Nippon Series 2006.

Default Lineup:

1. Tanaka - #3 - 2B
2. Morimoto - #1 - LF
3. Inaba - #41 - RF
4. Takahashi - #2 - 1B
5. Itoi - #26 - CF
6. Koyano - #5 - 3B
7. Nioka - #23 - DH
8. Tsuruoka - #64 - C
9. Kaneko - #8 - SS

Tanaka is a great leadoff hitter who can quickly advances between the bases thanks to his speed and his skills(Steal+1, Baserunning+2) his bat may be unspectacular but is a good bat to have and it's helped by his Infield Hit skill. His defense at second is amazing, he rarely makes mistakes and his speed allows him reach many would be hits. Tanaka also have high stamina coupled with Prevent Injuries Up+2 so he should be able to be on the field everyday.

Morimoto is guy who is quite famous for his antics on the baseballfield which involve him wearing a ridiculous outfit when entering the field(such as wearing a Power Rangers mask, Michael Jackson outfit or not wearing a shirt at all) or he is entering the field by the help of a bicycle, stilts or parachuting onto the field. Morimoto is seen as a successor to Tsuyoshi Shinjo as Morimoto changed his number to Shinjo's after he retired and both are known for there antics. Unfortunely Morimoto's antics are not in the game but there is always hope for the future. In the game Morimoto's bat is his weakness which is all E but he plays great defense, steal and run the bases with ease.

Inaba have in large part carried the Fighters offense since Ogasawara left and even though he is getting older he shows no signs off it, as he is one of the best right fielders in Japan with the bat and glove winning many Best Nines and Golden Gloves. Inaba ingame is rather balanced with Bs for most attributes and with great defense in RF. Inaba also have plenty of skills such as Line Drive Specialist and Strong Presence, Inaba also have the Walk-Off and Comeback skill which makes him a real threat late in the game if your behind.

Takahashi's most interesting aspect is that he can play firstbase and catcher and though his defense isn't great as a catcher his bat is quite good so it's something to consider though Fighters haven't a really good other option at first so he should probably stay there until one can trade for firstbaseman or someone awakens. His bat is good but not really impressive though it's helped by his Chance Up skill which will help when a runner is in scoring position.

Itoi had a good season last year and have only improved on it this season. Itoi is a triple threat with a great bat, defense and baserunning. While Itoi is only rated D at CF it's not a big issue since he have great speed and great arm couple with the rare Laser Beam skill which gives him a Ichiro like arm, in otherwords it's really dangerous to try to take an extra base when he gets to the ball. He have both the First Pitch skill and the Strikeout skill which means his ability to hit will decreases after each strike count. Since he have the base-loaded skill so if that chance arise and he's resting on the bench he's a great choice to pinch hit with.

Koyano have recently developed into quite a good hitter with good defensive skills. Koyano can play several positions but is best at third where he plays really well. While Koyano isn't an amazing batter he's a good one to have. With defensive skills like Spinning Throw and Bunt Dash Up will make him very valuable at third.

Nioka have fallen quite bit in recent years. Back when he played for Giants he was one if the best shortstop with amazing power for that position averaging about 20 HRs a season but struggled and Sakamoto took over for him and Nioka was traded for Micheal Nakamura both former starplayers. Nioka probably isn't the best choice for the DH position which should probably be used to rest your other starters or Sho Nakata. Nioka have some use though as he is decent hitter when he's on a good mood and can play SS decently.

Tsuruoka is catcher that will have a hard time to hit and his defense isn't that good either but his lead at 4 is quite good. Since he isn't really worth awakening I would advise starting the backup #28 Ono instead since he have great arm, some power and can awaken a bit to make him better.

Kaneko had a good season last year with his bat and even though he haven't matched that this season he's still good to have since he produces from SS. His defense is good and will rarely make a error, the one thing that he leaves something to be desired is with his speed which is only a D so his reach can be a little lacking but his glove and arm is great so he will make up for it. His bat is good and should be moved up in lineup probably hitting behind Koyano.

On the bench you have #6 Sho Nakata who showed amazing potential as batter in High School but had showed very little as a pro, however recently this season he started hitting well and looks to fulfill his potential, ingame he only have good power but he can awaken some times to improve him and will end as one of the best powerhitters in the game, I also believe he got a boost in the latest patch. #52 Konta is great defensive sub for the outfield but since the outfield starters is pretty good at defense so he may not be used much. #4 Iiyama is good defensive option for the infield and can play every position on the field. #24 Yang can be valuable if he's awakenend sometimes in which becomes a good hitter with good speed who can play alot of positions.

In the Nigun you have #65 Ugumori who when maxed becomes a great power hitter with decent contact but bad defense. #39 Kato when maxed will become good at hitting and together with his speed will become asset and could probably play an offensive minded SS. #51 Murata only needs to awaken three times to reach his max and will become a hitter with great contact against RHP and S rated speed which will suit him nicely as a lead-off hitter.


#11 Darvish have been for several years the best pitcher in NPB and have drawn interest from several MLB teams. He have a great fastball and slider combo and several other pitches that are atleast average. He also have great stamina so he will with ease throw complete games. Darvish also have the intimidation skill which have great effect on opposing hitters.

#38 Takeda can't really compare to Darvish but he's a solid #2 in the rotation. Since his fasball only have E in sharpness it should be used with care and try to take advantage of the A control it have which means painting corners. His slider is great pitch and combined whith his changeup and slurve makes up pretty great arsenal of pitches.

The rest of the starting pitching isn't impressive while #29 Yagi is okay most teams have a better third starting pitcher.

The bullpen is alot better with Takeda as the closer who have great control on his pitches. #47 Kikuchi have great fastball that can become even better once he awakens. #25 Miyanishi is a great lefty-killer with his slurve and fastball.

In the Nigun there are several with amazing potential. #36 Nakamura becomes 20 star SP With good fastball, slider, slowcurve and the spin skill. #66 Dash will still have terrible control when maxed but will have a good fastball and forkball and a decent drop curve. #34 Yoshikawa will get a good fastball and curve combo and a decent vertical slider is lefty.