Written by Fullgatsu


Yomiuri Giants is Japans answer to New York Yankees. They are the most popular team in Japan and is know for aquiring other teams stars through free agency. Giants is the most successful team also with 21 Japan Series titles and 32 Central pennants, they were particulary successful between 1965-1973 when they won 9 straight Japan Series and were led by Shigeo Nagashima and Sadaharu Oh which both are some of the best players to play in the history NPB.

Default Lineup:

1. Sakamoto - #6 - SS 2. Matsumoto - #31 - CF 3. Ogasawara - #2 - 3B 4. Ramirez - #5 - LF 5. Kamei - #9 - RF 6. Lee - #25 - 1B 7. Abe - #10 - C 8. Wakiya - #23 - 2B

Sakamoto is a young shortstop that is one of the better shortstop in the league and in a few years could be the best shortstop in japan. His attributes are almost all C and he does every thing good. When awakened his contact and power will increase so he becomes a even better hitting shortstop.

Matsumoto contact skills are good against RHP (C) but is weak against LHP (E) and have no power with arch 1 so he will have a hard time hitting much more then grounder s. His value comes with his defense which is rated B in all outfield positions and have B rated speed but also comes with steal -1 but if awakend he will get steal +3 and speed +2.

Ogasawara have been one of the better hitters this decade with over 300 homeruns and with a batting average over .300 and he is almost guaranteed to hit atleast 30 hr with a average slightly over .300. In the game he have a good power (A) and good contact against LHP while being average against RHP. His defense at third is a little lacking but his batting will cover for it and his stamina is high so he should be able play almost every game. He have the opposite field power skill and the strikeout skill so be avoid getting him to two strikes.

Alex Ramirez have also been one of the better hitters this decade and have also hit over 300 hr with a average over .300. Another thing Ogaswara and Ramirez shares is that they both came to Giants through free agency. In the game Ramirez is a great hitter that hits both RHP and LHP well with great power, He have the powerhitter skill and have A rated stamina so he should be able to play in every game. While Ramirez is a great hitter his defense is terrible and have almost no range in LF with his F speed but his bat will make up for that.

Kamei had a strong season last year but have struggled this year so he may have worse attributes in the updated stats however in the unupdated game he's a great batter with good contact and power aswell as good speed. His defense is also good at all three outfield positions and is really suited for RF with his good arm. Even though he have good speed he also have the steal -1 skill. He can also awaken some levels to become even better.

Lee was a great hitter between 2005-2007 and there even was some talk that he would go to the MLB but he choose to stay for one more season and then his skills sharply declined and since then he have been shell of his former self. He have little beside power but that he have plenty with a A and the powerhitter skill. His contact and stamina are both low and his defense at first isn't that good either and he also got the strikeout skill. He can be awakend a couple of times and will then look more like 05-07 version of himself.

After Johjima left and Furata declined Abe was left as the best offensive catcher in NPB and he have stayed at the top since then. Abe have good power with good contact and while he haven't the best lead as a catcher he still have a good arm so he will prevent some steals.

Wakiya isn't good at batting but his defense is okay and he have a good range with his B speed and his arm enable him to play third aswell as second. His B speed as so many other on this team comes with a steal -1 skill but that will improve if awakend

On the Bench you have outfielder #8 Tani who would start for alot of teams but even on the Giants he is a semi starter with a good bat and decent defense and he can awaken a couple of times to become even better. #7 Chono is another outfielder that have good defense and if awakend some times become a really good hitter.

In the Nigun you have catcher #64 Kiyashiki who starts with a cannon arm and if maxed will get a good bat to go with it. #55 Ota when awakend six times will get a power bat that plays good defense at Short and third. #24 Takahashi played in the Ichigun of Giants but didn't play much last year but have returned this year, his stats is still decent and if aawakend a bit will return to his former self quite quickly. #66 Tanaka will become a good bat when maxed while Hashimoto will become good defensivly while still having a good bat.


#26 Utsumi is a good pitcher but not overpowering like som aces but should hold his own thanks A rated Circle change, he may struggle a bit because the of Giants infield defense which can be a little weak.

#49 Gonzalez was great last year but struggled in this season so his rating may have taken a hit. His stats is great unupdated however with four very sharp and accurate pitches that should have no problem to achive success.

#29 Greisinger like Utsumi pitches to contact and may suffer alittle because of Giants infield defense but should still be good.

#17 Tono is a young pitcher that looks to be the future ace for Giants. While his rating may not be super impressive in the begining he can awaken to quickly improve his pitches.

#47 Yamaguchi is in real life a reliever but is here put in the rotation and his stamina is high enough for him to handle that. When awakend once his slider will be S rated which should be quite hard to hit and his stamina will quickly grow when awakend.

#99 Fujii is unimpressive but will do as sixth starter, though he have really improved this year so he may have got a rating boost.

The closer is #42 Kroon who holds the record for fastest pitch in NPB and should have no problem getting a save with his overpowering fastball combined with a Split finger fastball with huge break.

#22 Ochi is alot like Kroon, he have a little slower fastball but throws a huge fork that when maxed will have a S in Sharpness and both him and Kroon have bad control.

#15 Kimura starts out with an average fastball and a good drop curve but will improve these pitches and when maxed both will be quite dangerous.

In the Nigun you have #91 Obispo who can be an option for the rotation. #36 Micheal Nakamura who was just two years ago with the fighters and one of the best closer in the league but have struggled since coming to Giants, he can come back to his former form if he's awakend some and will then be a strong force in the bullpen. #35 Nishimura when awakend twice will get a A sharp hard slider and could be a option for the rotation or bullpen. #59 Fukuda can also quickly become a rotation and bullpen option.