Written by: Muka

Note: this was written 11/1/2010 and is based on 3rd patch/roster update.

The Seibu Lions is a power team with lots of power bats and power pitching. Almost he entire lineup including the bench is capable of hitting homerun and they also have a few ace-quality pitchers and up-and-coming aces. It is not surprising that they finish in the top 3 almost every

Starting lineup:

1. Kataoka - #7 - 2B
2. Kuriyama - #1 - CF
3. Nakajima - #3 - SS
4. Nakamura - #60 - 3B
5. Brown - #42 - DH
6. Ishii - #5 - 1B
7. GG Sato - #46 - RF
8. Ginjiro - #2 - C
9. Osaki - #0 - LF

The 1 thru 4 hitters in the lineup are all solid.

Lead-off man Kataoka is a speed demon who had 50+ steals in both 2008 and 2009 and he rightfully has the Steal Up 3 skill in the game. Have fun abusing his superior base stealing skill. He will be a very vital part of your lineup, and he is not a bad hitter either.

#2 hitter Kuriyama is a very solid player with modest speed and modest power. The fact that he has a C for all his attributes should tell you what kind of player he is.

#3 hitter Nakajima is 1 of my personal favorites. He is 1 of those .300/30hr/100rbi, MVP type players who combine average and power and he is an absolute beast in the game also. He has great special skills like "average hitter", "arch specialist", "opposite field power", and even ones useful in playoffs such as "Big Stage". He asked to be posted to MLB this season but his team refused. It is probably just a matter of time before we see him in the US.

Cleanup hitter Nakamura is the strongest Japanese power hitter of this generation. He comes close to the 50-homer mark every season and you can see his raw power reflected in the game with the S-196 power rating and 7 arch. He also has the "double dip" special skill which means he will get more powerful in the next at-bat after hitting a homerun.

#5 hitter Dee Brown, RF GG Sato, backup catcher Hosokawa, and backup infielder Gotoh all have good pops in their bats but suffer in the contact department, but when facing these guys you still have to pitch carefully. I know I have been burned a bunch of times by these guys when I slack off with my pitching!

Finally I need to mention a minor league player who had a semi-breakout year. He is #31, Sakata. You will find him as an outfielder in the minor league roster of the Lions. He has tremendous power (comes with the Power Hitter skill on default) and he will be an immediate threat to your lineup as long as you are okay with his poor defense.


They have 3 very good starters. Let's start with staff ace #18 Wakui, a classic power pitcher. The Japanese "Cy Young" winner in 2009, he has A~C rated controls for all his pitches and stuff wise his fastball, fork, and curve are lethal. His fastball especially is tough to hit with a B sharpness at 151km/h. He also has tremendous stamina and recovery, making him a very reliable ace. His only weakness in the game is probably his Quick Down 1 negative skill which allows basestealer to run on him more easily.

No. 2 starter Kishi (#11) is like a slightly inferior version of Wakui but still very good. He has a B fastball at 146km/h and his curveball has a level 4 break and D sharpness. He also has problem with base stealers and base runners, but his
valuable "Strong Finisher" skill makes him a great starter in my opinon.

And then there is 3rd starter Hoashi (#47), a guy who I just HATE facing. He owns me with his signature Sliding Palm every time. It is a floating, change-up like pitch with B sharpness and a level 5 break. It has a weird trajectory and as a hitter I can't hit it well even when I know it is coming. The rest of his arsenal ranges is mediocre to poor, but you might just be able to handle your opponent with just your D fastball and the S Palm.

For the rest of the starters, keep an eye on last year's #1 draft pick, super hyped-up rookie #17 Yusei. He starts with poor stuff but after awakening him a few times he will be one of the best starters on the team. You will see #16, ex-MLB-er Kaz Ishii. He is clearly in the final phase of his career as his stuff is very average.

For setup, I recommend #45 Fujita who has a great fastball, a good slider and fork, as well as the "Spin" which makes his fastball appear even faster. If you awaken him just once, he will become dominant so use him as much as possible.

The closer of this team is foreigner Sikorski. Like I said in the opening, this team is a power team so like many of his teammates, his biggest strength is his powerful fastball. Sikorski is actually the best of the bunch with an A-sharpness fastball with a speed of 153km/h, but he is pretty much a 1 trick pony as his breaking pitches aren't that great. But if you can time his fastball release perfectly, it should be enough to get the job done.

In the minor league, I highly recommend #21 Nakazaki if you plan on playing multiple seasons. He is a top draft pick also and can be awakened 6 times, but he will already be very impressive at level 4. Combine him, Yusei, and the already solid current starters and you will have an elite rotation filled with young studs.