Written by Fullgatsu


Tokyo Yakult Swallows is team that shares the same city with the much more succesful Yomiuri Giants and for a long time were forced to stand in the Giants shadow but during the 90's they started dominating CL and winning a couple of Nippon Series, much of there success could be attributed to Atsuya Furata who were their starting catcher and one of the best catcher alltime in NPB.

Lately however the team have often placed in the lower part of the league and missed playoffs but they still have some hardcore fans and plays in the beautiful Jingu Stadium which have a great history which is only second to Koshien history.

Default Lineup:

1. Fukuchi - #3 - LF 2. Fujimoto - #10 - SS 3. Aoki - #1 - CF 4. D'Antona - #4 - 1B 5. Guiel - #5 - RF 6. Miyamoto - #6 - 3B 7. Tanaka - #7 - 2B 8. Aikawa - #2 - C

Fukuchi is really fast and I mean really fast, while he "only" have an A in speed he got Speed +3 and Steal +3 so if he gets on base he should steal second with ease, his bat is not the greatest with D against RHP and E against LHP but he have the Opposite field skill and his speed turns many infield grounders to singles. His defense in left is quite good and his legs allow him to reach flyballs that may be hits.

Fujimoto in my opinion should be benched and #00 Kawashima should take his place, Kawashima have more power aswell as speed, can awaken more times and outgrows Fujimoto quite quickly. Fujimoto have better contact against RHP in the beginning but he have a hard time stealing bases with his C speed and Steal -1 but his biggest weakness is his arm strenght that is rated at a lowly F which allow many speedy batters to get infield singles when he field the ball in comparision Kawashima have an C in arm but may make some more errors with the glove.

Aoki is Swallows star player and for good reason, in 2005 he won the rookie of the year award, Led the league in Batting average, had 202 hits and for comparision the NPB single season record for hits is 210 set by Ichiro. In the game Aoki is one of the best position players but in attributes Saburo on the Marines is better, Aoki however have plenty of positive abilitys and few if any negative ones and he can awaken two times, when he is maxed he probably is the best position player in the game. Aoki plays great CF defense, steal bases with ease, legs out infield grounders with his A speed and he got the opposite field skill, have great contact ratings and power to hit 15-25 homeruns. If you wanna complain about anything its his arm which is rated D.

D'Antona have B for power and 6 for Arc meaning he will hit alot of fly balls that will either be outs or Doubles/HRs he also have the power hitter skill so he should really only swing with the power swing. his contact LHP (D) is better then his contact for RHP (E). He have opposite field power so swinging with O should generate good power, he also have the strikeout ability so when he gets two strikes against him his contact may dropped but keep fouling off with O and if you are lucky you may get good power on a ball.

Guiel is alot like D'Antona both have the power hitter skill and strikeout skill, both have B for power with a 6 arc. Guiel however have better contact against RHP (D) and lower against LHP (E). Guiel is a decent right fielder with a good arm and don't clog the basepaths.

Miyamoto plays really good defense and have decent bat aswell with a bunch of positive abilitys like opposite field skill. He will rarely make an error in the field and against RHP he should be a though out.

Tanaka plays great defense on secondbase and is a good hitter against LHP. He have the injury protection +2 and B in stamina which means he should be able to play alot of games, he should be careful about stealing as he got the Steal -1 ability to go with his C speed.

Aikawa is a catcher with a B in defense and 5 in lead which should help his pitchers and his C rated arm is okay so he can throw out some runners. His bat isn't much but okay when you considers his position. You should be careful with him as he is prone to injurys with Injury protection -1.

On the bench #52 Nakamura who is a pretty bad player except for his arm that is rated A this means he could be an interesting option as a catcher in late innings if you really want to prevent a speedster from stealing bases. For Pinch hitting you have #33 Yoshimoto who hits LHP quite good and with good power he can also awaken to a A power and C contact hitter if you awaken him twice. For Pinch running you have #9 Ihara who have steal +2 with B rated speed and he can also awaken to become a good hitter.

In the Nigun you have #57 Matsui who becomes a great power hitter if you awaken him five times, #50 Ueda becomes a C average on all attributes player if you awaken him 6 times, #50 Noguchi becomes a C hitter with B for speed if you awaken him three times.


#19 Ishikawa may not look much at first but he is a pitchers that have no problem matching the other aces just remember that he is a finess pitcher that relies on control and tempo changes so don't challenge hitters with your fastball instead force them to hit the sinker or cutter for weak contact, on his second row of he have a change up that can be a good weapon if not over used.

#25 Tateyama is also more of pitch to contact guy that's not say he can't strikeout some batter he's just not as overpowering as Iwakuma, Tanaka, Darvish and Sugiuchi. With his three C rated pitches you should be able to get batter to hit weak ground outs to your great infield defense and if you need a strikeout you have a D rated forkball that may catch alot of batters whiffing.

#11 Yoshinori Sato is a pitcher that gained alot of fame for playing in koshien and especially for setting the record for fastest pitch thrown in the tournament 155km/h (96mph) breaking Baystars Hayato Teraharas record. He was a first round pick which Swallows won the lottery for, Mariners Karakawa was also a first rounder in that draft and Sho Nakata aswell, So far Karakawa have been the best with Yoshinori lagging a bit behind while Nakata have done very little. In game Yoshinori clocks at 157km/h and have a C rated fastball and slider however all other pitches are either E or F and his control is really bad aswell so he may be hard to pitch with but stick with him as he is young and can awaken 5 times so he will quickly become better.

After that the starting pitching is quite uninteresting and most pitchers are required to pitch for weak contact so a good infield defense is important.

The bullpen is quite good for Swallows #65 Oshimoto is solid and #21 Matsouka should be decent as a setup man. For the closer position you have #12 Lim who if given a lead should give you a save, he have a S rated fastball that tops at 160 km/h and have two D rated breaking pitches that can be used as a strikeout pitch depending on if the batter bats left or right, he may be the best closer in the game and thats only "may" because Tigers Fujikawa is also a great closer. Even with baseloaded and no out I would bet my money on that he gets the save.

In the Nigun you have #70 De La Cruz that could be an asset in the bullpen, #20 Yamamoto becomes a shutout man for the bullpen with A rated fastball with spin skill and a big D rated vertical slider if you awaken him twice, #17 Kawashima is a option for the starting rotation and if he awakens ones he quickly improves.

Also another one interesting player that's on the Swallows Nigun team is #43 Ichiba and that is because he was once a highly after sought Pitcher that was known to have accepted atleast three bribes from different NPB teams and three of these teams owners where forced to resign. Ichiba ended up on Rakuten Golden Eagles as they didn't exist during this scandal. However even though Ichiba was a promising pitcher he have never lived up to that and probably never will, 2008 he posted a 9.77 era in 31.1 innings and was then traded to Swallows were he showed no improvemnt. In this game even when he's awakened to maxed is only rated as 13 stars.

I hope everyone enjoys my introductions even if they get a little long.

*Waseda University which Aoki is an alumni to had a pretty good baseball team. Aoki, (Tigers) Toritani, (Drafted by carps but don't know where he plays now) Toshimitsu Higa, (Buffaloes) Shintaro Yoshida all in the same year, (Hawks) Wada was their senior with one year and (Swallows Tanaka) was one year junior. Needless to say Waseda dominated in competion during that period, Now they have Yuki Saitoh Pitching for them and it remains to be seen if he go to MLB or NPB I hope for the latter so He and Tanaka can have a rematch.