Arrange Team - - - - - - - - - - See all attributes
Password - - - - - - - - - - - - - Edit Created Players
My Settings - - - - - - - - - - - - Sound Settings
Make cheer song - - - - - - - -See Credit
Save - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Load
Install (PS3) / Delete Data (Vita)

If you're using the PS3 version then you'll want to install game to hard drive (this will make loads faster.) Just click the install button, then "YES" on left and the installation will take 5-10 minutes. We made a video on how to do this, it's from the 2011 version but works the same every year.

Keep in mind the image above is from the Vita version, so the "Install" text is different on the PS3.



On this screen you can edit each team's roster however you like. Any changes will be used for Exhibition and Pennant (season) games. However, new to 2013 when you start an exhiibition game you can use default out-of-box rosters (instructions are in the 'Starting an Exhibition Game') page.

Buttons at top: " Confirm" and "Reset to default roster"

Right side of screen: The numbers in the red box tell you how many right & left handed pitchers you have along with total pitchers. So it shows there are 24 RH, 11 LH and 35 total pitchers.

In the green box it shows batters. There are 16 RH, 13 LH and 2 switch hitters for a total of 31 batters. At bottom it shows there are 66 men on the roster out of 70 max.

The baseball diamond shows you how many players there are at each position. So here the chart shows you have 7 catchers, 2 first baseman, 5 second basemen, and so on. This only represents "natural position", so even though you may have only 1 "true" first basemen, you will definitely find other players on your team who is capable of playing 1st base as a secondary/sub position.

Now click the 'Confirm' button and continue to next screen....


When you select a team and click the 'Confirm' button this screen appears. The options are...

A. Trade Player - this is confusing at first so following the guide in the link is recommended.

B. Call Up & Send Down / Set Lineup & Roles: Pitchers & Batters

C. Edit Jersey Numbers

D. Edit Name Plates

E. Edit Cheer Song

F. Edit Team Tactics



This is for inputting passwords to get other people's created players, it's not really necessary. to translate.



Note: Many user get frustrated because their settings don't "stick" and they have to keep re-setting them before every game. The trick is to adjust your settings here so they will be rendered permanent (on the exception of Pennant mode.)

On left adjust are your main user settings(1P vs COM)

On right adjust your Field Play settings (1P & COM vs COM)

You can find the translations for these two settings here.



Several NPB players have custom cheer songs made for them. Some hardcore users like to make very authentic versions of them, but it's very involved and is basically a bunch of horns going off. Thus, we don't translate this and recommend just sticking with the default cheer songs that come with the game. Some people like them and others turn them off.



To save changes you made in Utility select 'Save' then click "YES" on the right.


DELETE DATA (Vita only):

Here you can view & delete your saved data from different modes (this is not recommended unless you really know what you're doing.) Select one then click 'Confirm' and it will delete it.



This is all translated in the 'Attributes' page, but one tip is that if you select a batter then click 'confirm' twice you can view his trajectory rating.



Here it shows I have no created players to edit. Creating players is done is Spirits mode which is not yet translated. At some point in the future we plan to have this done.



The 2 buttons at the top are Confirm and Reset Changes.

Below you can first scroll through different presets (the default is Normal.) You can also customize your own audio settings with the Min to Max bars. The 5 options, from top to bottom, are...

  • Play-by-Play
  • Stadium Speaker/Announcer
  • Live Cheering Band
  • Crowd Noise
  • Background Music

At bottom is ???



You can load system data, cheer song data, online data and ad-hoc data. We don't use this because verything loads automatically anyway.