VP SHop:

1. Allow User to Change Recommended Difficulty
2. WBC-Style Mercy Rule Option
3. WBC-Style Extra Inning Rule Option
4. WBC-Style Pitch Count Limit Option
5. Local Stadium
6. USA Stadium
7. Extra Japanese Stadium 1
8. Extra Japanese Stadium 2
9. Always Climax (When on, playoff atmosphere & team celebration will be added to games in Exhibition.)
10. Allow Action Mode in Grandprix
11. Allow an Awaken Form for Created Players (Spirit Mode)
12. Behind-the-back Pitching Form (available in Spirit/Stardom Mode)
13. Softball Pitching Form (available in Spirit/Stardom Mode)

Page 2: Extra Uniforms (can be used in Exhibition Only, Manager Mode, Grand Prix and Online.) In Pennant mode you cannot pick them but sometimes alt uni's will be selected automatically such as on throwback days.

Page 3: Unlock Managers as Players (they will appear in Created Players.) Most of the managers in Japan used to be very good players in their playing days so if you buy them here you can get to play as them in their prime. As far as the 2010 version is concerned, I dont think any one of them is recognizable to english speakers. A few years ago though you would have some names American's MIGHT recognize, such as Sadahara Oh, the "world" career homerun leader with around 800 home runs in his career, and of course Bobby Valentine.

Page 4: Unlock Team Coaches as Players (they will appear in Created Players)

Page 5: Wallpapers

VP SHOP - LEVEL UP (awakening)

This is essentially Pro Yakyu Spirit's "Player Growth" when playing in Grand Prix and will give you an idea of how a player will advance in Pennant mode. First, what is awakening? It is leveling up of your player. Young players can level up/awake up to 5 or 6 times. Old players/veterans may only awake 1 or 2 times.

Each time a player awakes, his attributes will get a boost predetermined by the game developers. For example, the touted rookies may start off seemingly useless with F contact and E power but after they awake 3 or 4 times you might see them have C contact and B power with a Power hitter skill and become completely different players.

Awakening in Exhibition mode (from VP Item Shop):

For exhibition mode, you can also Awaken players through the Item Shop - Level Up using in-game money/points. Press O on the highlighted player to Awake and press Square to toggle between the different stages of Awakening.

This is very useful since you can see how many times that player can level up and how his attributes will look after the level ups. If all you want to do is look and not buy in the VP Shop - Level up section, remember to choose NO (right hand side option) when asked "Confirm Purchase?" after you press X to exit the shop. This way you can check out everyone's awaken stage for free without actually wasting any money.